Visible 11


Visible 11 is the 11th edition of a yearly music program supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria that pairs emerging artists of minority backgrounds with artist established in the music industry. The pairs work on a track and puts together a collaborative album. This edition includes local talented artists such as Neil Morris, Kaiit, Semina, and more. Each artist bringing in their own taste and style. The music is original, meaningful and represents a global identity. 

draft_visible 11


Behind the work of Visible 11 are core elements of identity and culture from varying places. The representation of this is vital in the art work. The album art should engage viewers with the sound of the album and the universality of the music on the album. 


The use of collage represents the many layers of global communities identities coming together creating a piece of work. Each instrument is linked to another cultural association which is apparent in the music that is being presented. There are both synthetic and natural sounds present hence the choice of plants and an MPC. Each element should come together representing the unity of the Album.